"Homage to the Woman" - an experimental short film featuring woman and mother. Dir. Simone Smith. Performed by Simone Smith and Natalie Smith. Runs from June 21st - July 22nd 2018 at Transmission Gallery, King Street, Glasgow.

Love, care, affection, fondness, tenderness, warmth, warmness, emotion, sentiment, life.

"Memoirs of a Female's Existence - Volume I" - Installation composed of sculpture, film, sound and print. 

Exhibition runs from Feb 17th - March 2nd 2018 at Cass Art Gallery, Queen Street, Glasgow.

Impaled object // WORK IN PROGRESS // Sculpture, film and print.

Bubble gum and hair // WORK IN PROGRESS

External / inner // WORK IN PROGRESS 


'RED' / 'THE FACE OF THE EARTH' - RED short film selected to screen as part of The Face of the Earth exhibition in Argentina. The work forms part of a reboot of the video installation of Eduardo Pla Videomundo Virtual / Argentina - August 15th - September 15th 2018

'FUCK' - Painting on wood / Gossip

Collective / 'More Than Tartan and Teacakes' / Stirling - July 21st 2018

'HOMAGE TO THE WOMAN'  Experimental film / Transmission Members' Show / Transmission Gallery, Glasgow - June 21st - July 22nd 2018

'WAR AND WORSHIP' - Print and short experimental film / The Locale Collective / The Glad Cafe, Glasgow - July 2nd - July 27th 2018

"MEMOIRS OF A FEMALE'S EXISTENCE' - Volume I" Installation composed of sculpture, film and print / The Locale Collective / Cass Art gallery, Glasgow - Feb 17th 2018 - March 2nd 2018
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