Atlantic by Phil Kieran - music video commissioned by Phil Kieran and supported by Northern Ireland Screen Digital Archive and Inflyte. Giving existing things new relationships. Created by Simone Smith. 

Blue Valentine - music video commissioned by Sam Lou Talbot and UOG - premiering at Gleam Festival Glasgow, then screening at CCA Glasgow 14th June '22. Filmed, directed and edited by Simone Smith.

Mr Haze by TEXAS - music video directed by Simone Smith.

Who Knows - music video commissioned by TURTLE (Beatnik Records). Giving existing things new relationships, this is a visual fusing of effects and classic archive. Conceived, directed and edited by Simone Smith.

Girl in the wild room - experimental music / VJ video made as part of a live performance at The Surge Physical Theatre Festival in Glasgow Scotland. 2016. Directed, filmed, edited and sound designed by Simone Smith.

Mannequin - video art clip prep for live VJ gig - music by alex smoke. Created by Simone Smith.

I’d like to turn the whole world on just for a moment 

- short visual art poem made complementing the words of Edie Sedgwick. Film by Simone Smith.

Yoga & Experience Retreats in Greece | 2017 - short promo film for a yoga retreat experience on the beautiful islands of Greece. Directed, shot and edited by Simone Smith. Voice narration by yoga teacher and host Isidora Liakou.

The Day That We Got Married - music video commissioned by The Raw Kings. Written, directed and edited by Simone Smith.

Pressure Lights - music video commissioned by Soma Records for Slam and Gary Beck. Directed and edited by Simone Smith.

Frozen Room - music video commissioned by Soma Records for electronic producer Charles Fenckler. Directed and edited by Simone Smith.

Algoreal - music video commissioned by Soma Record for Gary Beck. Directed and edited by Simone Smith.

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