THEBIUS TRIP wins Grand Jury Award at Chicago Underground Film Festival

THEBIUS TRIP wins the Grand Jury Award at the Chicago Underground Film Festival. It is the longest-running underground film festival in the world, and the entire programme was fire 🔥🔥🔥  Thank you so much to the programmers, volunteers, jury and audience for an unforgettable experience. This is Cuff’s 30th year, and we watched films that were like nothing I’ve seen before, so this is truly an honour to screen here, never mind win the Grand Jury Award 💘😱 endless love to this important and provocative festival and thank you to Creative Scotland for helping with travel. Congrats to our whole team! x

THEN/ /NOW @ Shortscape Festival - SLAP/THEBIUS TRIP

I’m showing my short films SLAP and THEBIUS TRIP back to back at Shortscape Film Festival’s THEN/ /NOW programme on Saturday, 23rd September. I’ll be screening alongside the works of Bryan M Ferguson and Tom Gentle, and the films will be followed by a group panel discussion where we chat about our career progression and challenges along the way. I’m so happy and honoured to be invited to share my films here, and I think I’m gonna get a wee bit emotional seeing them together! 🥺💗 I can’t wait! Come along if you can! Tickets here!

High rises to Hollywood - thank you Glasgow Times

A lovely article in the Glasgow Times. Thanks so much to journalist Morgan Carmichael. I made RED and SLAP independently with no money, and both were self-produced. Grateful to Bafta Scotland for the recognition by awarding RED a BAFTA New Talent award and SLAP a BAFTA Scotland nomination. This helped open doors, but even still, it was a fight to get industry funding and support. Until THEBIUS TRIP and the brilliant Short Circuit, I’ve finally been able to make my first public-funded short film. I’m beyond grateful for this unique road into the industry. From high rises to Hollywood! Thanks again, Glasgow Times, for this sweet article. Means so much in my hometown! :) Full article here. 

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