Hey hey! The music video I shot and directed “Blue Valentine” will be premiering at GLEAM Festival Glasgow Electronic and Audiovisual Media Festival on Thursday 9th June. If you’re in Glasgow, do come along to see it on the big screen, and say hi. 💙🎈🍷 Music written & performed by Sam Lou Talbot@samloutalbotmusic

Following its premiere at GLEAM Fest, “Blue Valentine” will also be screening @cca_glasgow at CONNECT FEST! on the evening of 14 June. Sam will be performing the piece LIVE via an interactive dance in silhouette! The program will take place on the ground floor in the cinema, with the social portion in the adjacent Saramago Café bar. @saramago_cafe_bar Tickets are now bookable on Eventbrite.

“Blue Valentine (String Reprise)” feat. Rūta Vitkauskaitė is Track 8 off the album Body Down (Live)


Fresh stills from the new music video I’m making for the gorgeously talented Sam Lou Talbot. More stills to come! x

I caught his look
He tried to get away 
But I was all that he had to play 
You can’t try to love
And I got away.

You said the words that I needed to hear.
I caught myself shattered before the frame.
And Lord I know that I can love again.
And Lord I know I can’t.

I gave myself to a man 
Who took all that I am 
And made me fearful.

I can’t breathe 
I can’t breathe 

I have cried my eyes out a thousand rivers
And I can’t see straight anymore. 
Would you come save my soul love?
Would you battle far and wide for a dove?

Would you take it upon yourself to love me?

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